Introduction to SW Mirae Chaeum

About Centers in Ulsan Areas

Currently, Ulsan Centers have been developing local specialized educational contents,
with the main focus on the local major industries, automobiles, shipbuilding, and chemistry,
and plan to utilize specialized contents and apply them into the educational field, in the next year.
This center provides education, under a high sense of mission that S/W instructors will offer training necessary for children,
based on professionalism, through the established co-operative systems with related agencies,
such as Ulsan City, Educational Administration, Youth Training Center, and more.

S/W Mirae Chaeum (Software Future Prospect) Project CI

This center utilized the educational center representing S/W Mirae Chaeum (Software Future Prospect) Project ,
as a symbol to intuitionally understand about the project.
Also, this project was designed so that ‘A,’ the initial letter of Accessible, Authentic and
Academic can be reminded as the enhancement and core value of the educational center project.

Guidelines of Limit of Use

Considering legibility, it is prohibited to use less than a width of 24mm.

Major Colors

The colors only for S/W Mirae Chaeum (Software Future Prospect) utilized by means of multiple
media are the elements to play an important role in conveying image.
Therefore, they need to keep accurate hue, intensity, and saturation.
In the case of colors, it is a principle to use separate colors.
Unavoidable situations, however, allow to print four primary colors.
It is required to follow the guidelines of printed colors by percentage as to four primary colors
The color system of S/W Mirae Chaeum (Software Future Prospect) reflecting high effectiveness of
communication has its adequate flexibility, according to items to be applied.
Taking this into account, secondary colors must be utilized to supplement predominant colors.
Secondary colors can be used for sign systems, tickets, publications,
company newsletters, brochures, signboards, interior materials, and so on.


Title Name No,Tel Specific Details
center director Gyuwon Choi 052-210-0250 SW Mirae Chaeum Business Manager (PM)
predecessor Eunmi Woo 052-210-0255 SW Future Filling Business Operation General
SW Future Filling Business Planning and Operation
Development of curriculum and learning structure
Establishment of cooperative network
predecessor Hyesung Lee 052-210-0257 SW Future Filling Business Operation
Education program management and content development and operation
SW professional instructor management
predecessor Kim Geun-woo 052-210-0258 SW Future Filling Business Operation
Operation of education program in SW Mirae Chaum Center
Event management such as SW experience festival
Nationwide joint project response
predecessor Lee Moon-hee 052-210-0238 SW Future Filling Business Operation
Establishment and management of SW Mirae Chaeum experience center and education center
Management of SW Educational Materials
SW Future Filling Business Expense Management
predecessor Seulgi Jang 052-210-0239 SW Future Filling Business
Education program (education and event) operation support
SW instructor management support
Other administrative support



    3F, HighTech Town, Ulsan (S/W Mirae Chaeum Center), 55-beon-gil,16,
    Techno Saneop-ro, Nam-gu, Ulsan City, Korea